Some Things I Think That I Think

I’m pretty sure of most of these thoughts below.

In other words, I think that I think the following . . .

I don’t like sweet potatoes.  But I love sweet potato fries and sweet potato chips.  Do I need therapy?

When clergy post opinions on celebrity deaths, they are only asking for trouble.

If more people loved their own children, there wouldn’t be such a need in the world for people who love children.

I am passionate about hospitality in our church and negligent about it in my home.

I like Claire better than Gloria.

Based on reviews, I thought I would love Tom Petty’s “Fault Lines” but I don’t.

 Poor leadership at the local level is an even bigger problem in the United Methodist Church than wayward doctrine at the national level.

Good relationships among adult siblings is a source of more comfort and strength than I ever imagined.

God is faithful to answer prayer. Just not in the way you expected him to do so.

The blinking-yellow-caution-light for left turns is the worst thing about living in Charlotte.

Having a house one mile from Rivergate is the best thing about living in Charlotte.

Head East’s “Never Been Any Reason” is the most under-rated song ever released by a band you’ve never heard of.

In the definition of “mixed message,” the state of Colorado has launched a rat-themed ad campaign to discourage those under 21 from smoking marijuana.

When I was under 21 and not smoking marijuana, I used to lose tennis matches to players who did.  Does that mean I need tennis lessons?