Some Things I Think I Think

I’m pretty sure of most of these thoughts below.

In other words, I think that I think the following . . .

I don’t like sweet potatoes.  But I love sweet potato fries and sweet potato chips.  Do I need therapy?

When clergy post opinions on celebrity deaths, they are only asking for trouble.

If more people loved their own children, there wouldn’t be such a need in the world for people who love children.

In recent weeks, I have seen people refer to themselves in bios as “public theologians,” “independent scholars,” and “citizens journalists.”  I think those are slippery ways of saying “in between jobs.”

I am passionate about hospitality in our church and negligent about it in my home.

I think if I ever get another car, it will be another Nissan Maxima.

Poor leadership at the local level is an even bigger problem in the United Methodist Church than wayward doctrine at the national level.

Good relationships among adult siblings is a source of more comfort and strength than I ever imagined.

God is faithful to answer prayer. Just not in the way you expected him to do so.

The blinking-yellow-caution-light for left turns is the worst thing about living in Charlotte.

Having a house one mile from Rivergate is the best thing about living in Charlotte.

In the definition of “mixed message,” the state of Colorado has launched a rat-themed ad campaign to discourage those under 21 from smoking marijuana.

When I was under 21 and not smoking marijuana, I used to lose tennis matches to players who did.  Does that mean I need tennis lessons?

“Never Been Any Reason” by Head East is quite possibly the best rock song you’ve never heard sung by a band you never saw.