Some Things I Keep Hearing Come Out Of My Own Mouth

I’ve noticed that I keep hearing the same things come out of my mouth.

So I’m not really saying more.  I’m saying the same things in different contexts and in different settings and to different people.

Here are a few:

And there’s two more coming out in September!

She turns 100 in November.

The bible’s not a book.  It’s a library.

He’s in Colorado this summer receiving training from Cru.  They used to be called Campus Crusade For Christ, but that’s sort of not politically correct anymore.

Your body is the most theological thing about you.

That video IS incredible.  And yeah, Chris-the-music-guy did it.

Some people are “talk to thinkers.”  Others are “think to talkers.”  I am the poster child for “think to talk.”

You wanna improve your preaching?  Read Andy Stanley’s “Communicating For A Change” and then we’ll talk.

That’s how we invite all people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

We use progressive methods to proclaim a traditional message.  Most Methodists are the reverse.

I married well.

The people in Nashville saw the sermons online, liked them, and asked if they could publish them as books.  Really, they twisted my arm.

Zoar will open for Sunday worship in the winter.

I’m so glad to believe what Methodists actually teach when it comes to human sexuality.

Diversity at the denominational level is pretend.  Diversity at the congregational level is the real thing.

Yes, my chaser for my daily dish of cottage cheese really is a Nutrageous bar.

Go public by getting wet.

Would someone in tennis make the courts fast and the balls light again, please?

Ab roller.

I actually learn more about preaching by reading novels than I do by reading books on preaching.

Did you see how good my yard looked?

If you want to stop snacking, get Invisalign.