Some Sunday Reflections

Yesterday was notable for a couple of reasons:

1. We received new members into the church at both the 8:30 and 10:00 services. That’s not unusual — it happens every six weeks or so. What IS unusual is the fact that one of those new members is a 92 year old man. I had visited him in the nursing home last week and he told me he wanted to join the church but didn’t know if he could attend our First Step Class.

Um, if you’re 92 and you want to join our church, I think we’ll waive the membership class requirement. So we did. What a joy. It shows that our “full color” motto applies not only to race and ethnicity, but to the generations as well.

2. Our “Servolution Celebration” on Sunday night concluded with a foot washing service. Our first one ever.

We weren’t at all sure how to make it happen or even how to arrange the room. But God intervened and it flowed seamlessly.

It was our way of commissioning all the “servolutionaries” in this church into ministry this fall.