Some Random Wonderings

I doubt anyone can give a definitive answer to these questions, but here’s what I’ve been pondering recently:


  • Why am I just now realizing what a good writer Stephen King is?
  • Why do people turn the fans on full blast at the Y?  People: you’re going there to sweat!
  • Why does South Carolina build or expand its roads so much more quickly than North Carolina?
  • Why do so many people put apostrophe’s in the wrong places?
  • Why do so many Christian denominations fund their own insurrections?
  • Why have I had to wait over fifteen years for the next Don Henley album?
  • Why do some people drive cars that are worth more than their houses?
  • Why the Kardashians?
  • Why is the book almost always better than the movie?
  • Why don’t more Methodists connect the dots?