Some Random Questions

So here are some questions I’ve found myself asking recently:

1. Why do modern-day captains of industry make money merely by moving money rather than producing goods and services?

2. Why does the Remasters CD of Led Zeppelin’s greatest songs not include two of their greatest songs, Fool In The Rain and Over The Hills & Far Away?

3. Why does the heavy regulation of NCAA sports simply result in more rules that people break without knowing what they are?

4. Why do I see about the same number of one handed backhands as I see pterodactyls flying in the sky?

5. Why do classic rock stations play nothing recorded after 1989?

6. Why do we so rarely see or hear tallies of Iraqi civilians killed since the invasion of 2003?

7. Why does Don Henley insist on staying with the Eagles instead of recording his own, better material?

8. Why do those on the radical fringes of the United Methodist Church not simply join with the Episcopalians or the United Church of Christ instead of trying to move the rest of our denomination to places it does not want to go? The Episcopalians and the UCC abandoned orthodoxy long ago and will surely welcome a group of like-minded folks in.

9. Why do some series that I think will usher in the kingdom bomb while others we put together almost at random have such deep connection?

10. Why is it the louder some people speak the more you doubt what they have to say?

11. Why did you read all eleven questions?