Some Random Happenings On A Sunday When I Was On The Job But Not In The Pulpit

We started the “3 Weeks Of Love” series yesterday with Ron Dozier as the primary communicator.  Here’s the sermon bumper for the series:

So while I was on the job I wasn’t in the pulpit.  (Not that we technically have a pulpit, but that’s another sermon for another time . . . )

Here are some random happenings and a few observations:

  • We received new members during the 10 and 11:30 services.  To the regular “Methodist” membership questions — Do you confess Jesus as Lord and Savior?  Will you support this church? — I added a couple more, impromptu:  Will you get in a LifeGroup and on a ServeTeam?  And will you be the kind of nice person who is not territorial about your aisle seat and moves willingly to the middle to make room for people coming in?  An urgent question at 10 a.m. in particular and getting that way at 11:30.
  • Ron Dozier’s strength as a communicator has always been that he is at the same time believable and loveable.  Yesterday was especially good, as without notes and with full command of his material, he moved strongly through Hebrews 13:1-3 to bring us a message on how love is not occasional, it is continual.
  • At the end of each service, I got to stand at “side” doors to greet. People emerging from the Worship Center through those doors were genuinely surprised to see me there as I typically stand at the middle exit for greeting.
  • Chris Macedo is an extraordinary talent.  His worship leading on No Longer Slaves was one for the ages.
  • A long-time Good Shepherd friend told me that the best instruction she received in the recent PrayFast series was to have her alone time with God before checking the news each morning.  A small bit of advice that is marking a large difference.
  • Our Latino service with Sammy Gonzalez was full of attentive, enthusiastic worshippers.  It was refreshing to hear Sammy delivering the same basic content as Ron . . . and somewhat miraculous that I was able to understand almost everything he said!  In my case, it was almost like Acts 2 in real time.
  • I loved seeing how a long-time member of Good Shepherd greeted a first time guest, invited her to sit next to her for the service, and then poured into the newcomer all the reasons why she loves the church.
  • Our 8:30 worshippers in particular brought abundant amounts of food for our #KeepPounding food drive competition with Denver Methodists.  Results coming later this week.
  • When it is finished, the Living Room is going to help our 10:00 hour very, very much.
  • I dropped in on one of our high school LifeGroups that meets on Sunday morning.  Eight teenagers full of wit and grace being led by a leader who loves them well.  What could better represent the partnership between church and home that is at the heart of all we do for children and for students?