“Solve” Edits Are IN

Solve:  Finding God’s Solutions In A World Of Problems is coming soon.

Solve Book

I know it’s coming soon because just yesterday I sent the final edits to Abingdon Press who will then zip them into production and . . . PRESTO!  The book itself will be available on May 17, 2016.

The book finds its origin in the 2015 sermon series Solutionists.  The series and the book that comes from it are both based on Nehemiah, one of Scripture’s neglected superstars.

Nehemiah was not one to point out problems.  He pinpointed solutions.

As I was reading through and editing the material, I became excited at the possibility of churches using it for a congregation-wide study.  I say that because the series and the book both pave the way for what we at Good Shepherd call a Radical Impact Project — an act of collective generosity that has a major effect on a community.

A sermon series that becomes more than a series of sermons.

In our case, it was a record-setting food drive in support of Loaves & Fishes ministry.  If Solve is well implemented, churches can replicate our food drive — or they can engage in a project tailored to the needs of their immediate neighborhoods.  Whatever the project, Solve helps to mobilize preacher and congregation to “just do this.”

Pre-orders for Solve are available here.