Solutionists, Week 5 — The No Name Offense

How would we summarize our journey with Solutionists?

Since the bible is a library, Nehemiah is a memoir.

Nehemiah the man doesn’t point out problems; he pinpoints solutions.

When you admit that the solution is the problem, God surrounds you with his promises.

Week 2: You only get rid of what you refuse to get used to.

Week 3: Move on what you’re moved by.

Week 4: God gives opposition to grow desperation.

Week 5:  ?????

You have to show up on Sunday to find out what that is!

You also have show up to hear the announcement on the amount of food we collected last week for our friends at Loaves And Fishes and with our partners the scouts.

Be ready to be amazed at not only the figure we will share but what it means in this city.  And to feel grateful to be part of such a congregation.


8:30.  10.  11:30.