Solutionists, Week 4 — Oppositionists

We have a great weekend ahead of us at Good Shepherd.

First, we have the return of First Serve, where the church gathers together early Saturday morning, receives its assignments, and then fans throughout the city of Charlotte to make an impact with our different partner ministries.

My men’s LifeGroup, for example, will be helping a vulnerable family move from homelessness into housing through our Open Arms ministry.  You can still sign up at

Then Sunday will see the massive collection of food for our friends and Loaves and Fishes and our partners the scouts.  We will be solutionists for local hunger.  Based on the amount of food already deposited at Good Shepherd, I am believing God for a result that will boggle our minds.

And finally, on Sunday morning I get to give my favorite message in the Solutionists series (which is one of my favorite series): “Oppositionists.”  It even concludes with something we’ve never done in my 15 years at Good Shepherd.

But to find out what that is . . . Sunday  8:30.  10.  11:30.