Small Group Bible Study Giveaway: Inviting All People

Scott Hughes, the host of Small Groups in the Wesleyan Way Podcast, recently interviewed me on the topic of the small group ministry model. After sharing information about our most active and most enduring groups at Good Shepherd and the latest G3 approach, I realized that I could help others take this strategy, no matter where they live.

If you feel called to lead a small group in your area and would like to learn more about the G3 Method — Grab, Gather, Grow), here’s your chance:

Small Group Bible Study Giveaway

I publish a blog post every day, and as I review them, I begin to see patterns that lead to a more significant message. Many of my 2018 blog posts focus on the topic of Christian leadership. As I dive into the matter and talk with pastors and volunteers, I realize that Christians are just as reluctant to step into leadership roles as their secular brothers and sisters. Why is that? While I don’t have a short answer at the moment, I do know that leading when leadership isn’t your thing is entirely possible.

Most people know where their weaknesses are, but they don’t know how to change or fix the issues. In a church setting, it can be particularly intimidating because we’re worried about expectations and measuring up. With these two books, Grab, Gather, Grow, and Crash Test Dummies, potential leaders will have the opportunity to learn and lead a fresh strategy for developing community groups and lead disciples in a study that shows them a new perspective on fixing imperfections that have turned into habits.

Click on the image above or the button below to enter the Small Group/Life Group Bible Study giveaway:


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