Small Gesture And Large Grace

Something very small happened in between yesterday morning’s worship gatherings.

But it had a large impact.

During the sermon itself, I used a demonstration involving Gatorade (the energy drink!) to show how it is that many moms and dads pour into parenting what they avoid in marriage.

So I poured a litre of Gatorade into a pitcher marked “parenting” while leaving the pitcher marked “marriage” empty.

Which meant, of course, that in between each service I would need to take my pitcher and my now-empty-litre of Gatorade into a nearby bathroom and empty the one back into the other so the demonstration would be ready at the next gathering.  Not rocket science, obviously, but a little bit time consuming.  And potentially sticky.

Well, after the 8:30 service, one of our most reliable volunteers approached me and asked if he could handle the Gatorade switch. 

I said yes.  And never worried about it again.  He did the same thing after the 10:00 service.  And after the 11:30, he put the Gatorade into the church refrigerator and washed out the water pitchers.  All without me asking and all allowing me to meet and greet people in the way I like to do on Sunday mornings.

Small gesture?  Sure.

Large dose of grace?  Absolutely.

It looks on the outside like pouring Gatorade.

I looks on the inside like the Body Of Christ.