Small Action, Big Impact

Something seemingly insignificant made my day yesterday.

My message involved an object lesson in which I cracked open a raw egg and let the yolk drop into a bowl. The idea was that the shell is not the substance.

The same is true of the church (the shell) and the gospel (the substance).

Anyway, given the nature of that object lesson, I had to clean out the bowl after each service so that I could do the object lesson again at the next one. Not an efficient use of eggs, I admit.

As I was racing to the kitchen after the 8:30 service, a woman from our church saw me in the lobby, noticed the bowl in my hand and asked, “Can I clean that up for you?”

I’m not usually one for pastoral privilege, but I needed that reprieve yesterday. So I said, “yes.” That allowed me then to focus on a ministry I love best of all: greeting people as they find their seats in the Worship Center.

The woman who washed the bowl out yesterday morning probably thought nothing of it. Just a nice thing to do.

For me, it was a sign of grace. A small action with a big impact.

What small things will you do for others today?