Skinny On The Men’s Steak Out

A critical part of the just-completed Home series was an exploration of the role men play in a healthy, functioning household.

As well as an examination of the role men play in creating the sickening demand for underage girls that leads to the traumatized supply of trafficking victims.

We’ve wanted to heal our homes while also providing a home that heals.

So we hosted a Men’s Steak Out on Saturday night at our Corner Campus.  150 guys.  Outback Steaks.  And honest conversation from one of the people I love more than anyone else in the world, Chris Macedo, our Worship Arts Pastor.

Here’s what it looked like:

P.S.  Many of you have asked for results of our Home offering on Sunday.  The final tallies are not in yet . . . and even if they were, we’ve got to give you a reason to come back to church on Sunday, right?