Shadow Of A Doubt, Week 3 — No Laughing Matter





Don’t worry.  I won’t preach all those big words this Sunday.  But they are all more-than-present in the story we’ll look at from Genesis 18.

The story is woven deeply into the fabric of our Judeo-Christian story and it speaks directly to any of us who find it easy to believe that God is great but sometimes doubt that he is good.

The Shadow Of A Doubt has been one of my favorite series ever at Good Shepherd, and I think this coming Sunday is just one more reason why.


8:30.  10.  11:30.  

Sabes que tenemos dos oraciones a las 11:30?  Hay un oracion en ingles y al mismo tiempo tenemos un oracion en espanol donde el Pastor Sammy Gonzalez da el sermon.    El servicio latino esta in el Corner Campus, en el otro lado de la calle Moss Road.