Serving Simply

Good Shepherd’s focus on simplicity is changing how we do serving ministries.

We want to give the people of the church a simple, monthly, meaningful serving opportunity through what we call First Serve.

The concept is similar to our Pathfinder approach to small group ministry. With Pathfinder, if you want to get involved in group life, simply come to one of our periodic launch events (the next one is April 22).

Same idea with First Serve. If you want to make your life count for something larger than yourself, if you want to be part of our ministries that serve the community beyond the church’s walls, simply come to our monthly event (held on the first Saturday) and we will send you out and put you to work. Three hours every thirty days. Simple, focused, strategic.

Check it out here:

The ministry launches on April 3-4. You can sign up here.


This week’s posts on simplicity and church life are inspired by the book Simple Church by Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger. I believe it’s the best book on church leadership in years.