Rubber Meets Road Launch

Some of my favorite series are those in which we drill down on one book of the bible for several weeks at a time, mining that book for all the treasures it contains.
In the past, we’ve done that with Philippians, Ecclesiastes, and Jeremiah, among others.
This time it’s the New Testament book of James.
Along with Proverbs, James is among the most practical books in all of Scripture. It doesn’t deal at length with theology, christology, soteriology, psychology or any other ology you can think of.
Instead, it looks at what happens at the intersection of faith and life.
In other words, where the rubber meets the road.
So that’s the series: Rubber, Meet Road.
To get ready for the first message, a sermon called “Frenemies,” read James 3:13 – 4:10.

Why would I start a series on a book in the middle of a book?
Come Sunday and you’ll see.
You’ll also see what we have in the lobby. I can’t tell you that yet.