Respectability, Pats On The Back, And This Sunday

One of the Rolling Stones’ most clever songs is Respectable from their 1978 gem Some Girls.

In it, Mick Jagger sings of the irony that the band is now “respectable” in high society.

Yet he quickly points 0ut that they are not so respectable that Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau actually wants them to party with his glamorous wife Margaret.

Well, Mick doesn’t sing those exact words, but that’s what they mean. If you remember 1978, you know what I’m saying.

Anyway, I thought of that song a lot as I prepared the message that’s coming this Sunday.

(And no, the band’s not playing it in church.)

But the notions of respectability and the pats on the back we expect from God go the the very heart of Jesus’ disruption of a young man’s life that Mark describes in chapter 10 of his gospel. You can read the story here.

To see how all these disparate elements come together, venture out to Disruption this Sunday.

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