Reflections On Turning 49

So I turned 49 yesterday.

Sunday birthdays are always a bit odd for me as a preacher since I’m secretly glad that people know and remember but want to make sure that we don’t make too big a deal of it.

But here are some interesting nuggets from yesterday . . .

  • A little girl hand delivered a card to me just before the 10 a.m. service. Her mother leaned in and told me, “she always remembers your birthday because it’s hers as well.”
  • The YMCA where I go has a sign in system involving fingerprints and numeric code. When I logged in yesterday and was making my way through the turnstiles, the Beatles’ “You Say It’s Your Birthday” came piping through the loudspeakers. No hiding from that! It’s a great touch, though, and probably one we should adopt for our children’s check in system.
  • There are a lot of really nice people at this church who take the time and make the effort to make staffers feel appreciated.
  • One year from today I will be 50 . . . the same age my father was when I was born. OMG.