Reflections On A Lunch With A Friend From Angola

On Wednesday, I had lunch with a new Good Shepherd friend who grew up in Angola.


My friend connected with Good Shepherd about ten months ago and has been a faithful attender ever since.  His young adult daughters are some of the best volunteers we have in our K-Zone children’s ministry as well.

Here are a few things I discovered during our lunch:

  •  People like to talk about their home country.  I did not know, for example, that Angola had been colonized by the Portugese and as a result about 20% of the population today is light-skinned.
  • Angola was ruled by a communist regime from 1975 – 1991.  That system fell at the same time the Soviet Union disintegrated.
  • The land is rich in oil and in diamonds.
  • Angola shares a long border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo AND the Angolans & Congolese regard each other much like Candians & Americans.  Without all the “eh” jokes, I guess.  Good Shepherd has a number of people from the DRC and the way they have welcomed my Angolan friend into our church family has been a sight to behold.
  • Though my friend has been in church most of his life, I am the first pastor he’s ever shared a meal with.  (Wha-what?) 
  • Angolans like fish better than beef.  “I eat fish every day!” he said.  So we both ordered Oregon Cedar Salmon!
  • He appreciates that a service at Good Shepherd makes a point and lasts an hour.
  • When I asked him about serving in a ministry, he said, “Of course.  It’s for God who has given me everythng.”
  • Amen.