Ready To Fly

Many years ago, as our then-four-year-old daughter Taylor took a readiness test for kindergarten at Charlotte Christian School, the admissions counselor said to us, “she’s ready to fly.”

And so she is again.

After graduating from college in May and working as a Web Copywriter at Red Ventures here in Charlotte since then, she recently accepted an account coordinator job with a public relations firm in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Why am I giving you this more-than-usual family information?

Because we spent the last two days apartment hunting in the greater Atlanta area. I know now more than I ever expected to know about Dunwoody, Roswell, GA Hwy. 400, and how much it costs to rent a washer and dryer in an apartment complex ($35 a month, in case you’re interested).

I also found out that virtually every leasing agent at an apartment complex lives in that same complex and has done so for years. That’s what they say.

And I discovered that aparment complexes aren’t called complexes anymore. They are communities.

After the two days of hunting, I believe we found a good community in a good community.

So we’re set for some more flying to begin.