Protected Left Turn

Today, I took my first ever protected left turn from South Tryon Street onto Moss Road, leading directly to the Good Shepherd campus.


See, for the last several years, that particular left turn has been unprotected. And because of the incline of South Tryon Street, the lack of protection meant an abundance of danger — you couldn’t see oncoming traffic well at all.

So the intersection has been the scene of several serious accidents, one of which I witnessed first hand.

It was all so bad that I found a couple of alternative routes to work.

Now that’s all over. The DOT has heard our cries and delivered us from danger.

To see that solid green arrow promising me protection and security . . . well, it feels pretty good.

It is so much like the rest of life: maximum freedom occurs under the protection of the law.

See, attempting that left turn under a blinking yellow light or no light at all leads to uncertainty and to danger.

In the same way, proceeding into an area of life about which God has said either “caution” or “no” is fraught with peril. Or outright disaster.

Yet when you stay within biblically ordained boundaries in the critical areas of life — money, sex, revenge, gossip — there you will find freedom and safety.

Much like the words of Psalm 91:

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

A left turn can remind you of the Scripture? Absolutely.

Where are you seeing indications of his shelter and shadow today?