Pros & Cons Of A Sunday Away

I was away from Charlotte from early Thursday morning until Sunday after church.

Which meant, of course, a Sunday away from the people and the pulpit (except it’s really a table, but table wouldn’t alliterate with “people”) of Good Shepherd.

So here are some pros and cons of missing yesterday’s worship gathering:

The people of the church get to hear a different voice — in this case Student & Family Pastor Devin Tharp.

The staff and leadership get confirmation of what they already know: they are fine without me.

The church gets a reminder that the mission is more important than the minister:  inviting all people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ does not hinge on the personality of the person proclaiming it.

When we were away, I got to see the Jimmy Evert Tennis Center in Fort Lauderdale, a non-descript (by today’s standards) public tennis facility where Chris Evert, Harold Solomon, Brian Gottfried, and other world-class players learned the game.

I turned 53 while hundreds of miles away from people who might just have made fun of me for it.

Because we were in South Florida we enjoyed 80 degree sunshine while the people of Charlotte . . . didn’t.

I missed the “Hero” medley that was the prelude to Devin Tharp’s sermon.

I missed Devin Tharp’s sermon.

(But I — and you — can watch it online here!)

I have to hear all about how great Devin’s sermon was.  Enough, people.

When I write my notes to first-time guests (a vital part of my Sunday night routine) I have to explain who I am.

 I still have to come back to work in the morning.

When I see people from church next week, it will seem like I haven’t seen them in a month.  That’s not the way it is; it’s just the way it feels.  Unless they haven’t been there in a month.

It’s not 80 degrees and sunny here.  And it won’t be until next April.