Pride Swallowing

Christmas is coming and with it the inevitable family reunions.

For a lot of us, that means coming face to face with certain people we don’t much care for. We’ve had a “falling out.”

So the question is: will anyone make the first move towards reconciliation? Or will all the parties involved hold on to their pride . . . and their grudges?

I gave a challenge to the people of Good Shepherd last Sunday: as you approach these relationships/reunions that are full of tension and in need of healing, you swallow that pride and make the first move. Once you begin to treat that person differently, you might find you even feel differently.

Then I gave out my email address and asked people to send in the results of what happened.

Christmas has even come yet, and the results have been cool.

One man sent a mass email of apology to everyone in his subdivision.

Another man entered into very difficult conversations with his brother.

A woman specifically sent cards to people from whom she has been estranged.

And on and on.

If your pride is choking off an opportunity to renew relationships, it’s time to swallow it.

That’s ChristmasTIME.