Pretty Good Expectations

This might sound suprising since I’ve been preaching a long time and Good Shepherd is a large church, but leadership is probably my weakest area. A lot of you have heard me say that I’m much better at leading a congregation as its pastor than I am at leading a staff as its boss.

See, for years I have been a master of avoidance, an expert at innuendo, an artist at dropping hints. Instead of speaking the truth with clarity, I have often danced around it and simply hoped those who work with me would know what I want.

But in recent months I have been learning the power of expectations. It has been freeing as a leader to say with simplicity and conviction: “this is what I expect.”

And most people want to do and will do what their leader expects.

But they can’t do what they don’t know.

It’s my job to make that clear. So that cloudy desires become clear expectations.