Preaching Like Seinfeld

Behold Jerry Seinfeld’s observations on winning a silver medal at the Olympics:

And that’s his genius: he sees deeply into the absurdities that most people barely notice, much less take time to reflect on.  Then he says what he sees.

Really, what he gives expression to our subconscious. 

And at some level, that’s what good preaching does.

It helps people name, explore, and ultimately bring healing to life’s dilemmas.

“Now I know why I always . . . “

“That helps me see why I did that . . . “

“You helped me understand why I react  . . . “

How can a preacher preach like Seinfeld?

Watch life closely.

Jot down patterns, thoughts, and insights.

Say it out loud.  In Seinfeld’s sketch, he contrasts the micro-distance between first and second place in an Olympic sprint. 

“First:  greatest guy in the world.  Second:  no one’s ever heard of him.” 

 So true!  After all, who finished behind Usain Bolt in the last two Olympics?

I don’t know either.

But I would never have the insight into that absurdity if Jerry Seinfeld didn’t see it and then say it.

So: I’m off to see some stuff today so I can say it on Sunday.