Preacher’s Confession

I’ve got a confession.

Now, usually, when a preacher says he has a confession, people immediately think, “all right, who’s it with and how long has it been going on?”

No, nothing like that.

It’s this. Sometimes I read emails while I’m talking on the telephone.

There. Got it out.

Yeah, sometimes the allure of the ping from the computer that signals an incoming email is too much to resist and even though I’m talking with someone on the phone I jump into cyberspace as well.

But you know what I realize? When I’m trying to do both, I can’t do either. I miss part of the phone conversation and I can’t comprehend the email. I hear but can’t listen and I read but can’t understand.

Hmmm. Trying to do two things at once and the result is doing neither very well.

A vote for simplicity, perhaps?

What’s true in life often ends up being true in church.