Preachers And Attendance

Through the years, I’ve agonized over situations that might affect church attendance on Sundays. Of course, the vast majority of these are things over which I have no control. Things like:

  • Good weather — Nice conditions mean people will go either to the beach or the mountains for the weekend.
  • Bad weather — Heavy rain, high winds, or, worst of all, a coating of ice, snow, or sleet, will keep Carolinians home faster than you can say “go-to-the-store-and-stock-up-on-milk.”
  • Panthers Games — Know what? If I had tickets I’d probably hang out in the parking lot all morning, too.

But this weekend is the first time I’ve ever agonized over gasoline.

Will we have any? Will people use their last few drops on a trip to church? Are we worth running on fumes to get here?

The Observer says “yes.” Maybe I’ll stop worrying.

Then again, maybe not.

Because we’ve got a really good finale planned for Heroes. Really good. I wouldn’t want you to miss it.

So see you in church on Sunday.

Or in the gas line.