PrayFast, Week 2 — “Defining Prayer”

Would you like to know the best thing about this past week in my life as a pastor?

How many of the people of Good Shepherd told me they were using the PrayFast Prayer Guide.  That list includes . . .

  • A mom and her 19 year old daughter who used the guide, together, at night, just before falling asleep;
  • A woman who sent me this message:  “I MUST tell you that I am REALLY enjoying the Prayfast guide!! I have been starting my day with scripture and prayer for some time now but this is different. I LOVE the way it’s teaching me to pray deeper than I have before. I can feel such a strong connection with God, for that I am grateful.”
  • A guy, new to this idea of faith and newer to the idea of daily prayer, who finds the format both understandable and useful.
  • A couple who are veterans of the Christian faith who nevertheless are finding a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit through the familiar practice of time away and alone with God.
  • A staffer using the material as family devotions.

Some more good news?  We have 200 new hard copies that will be available on Sunday morning.  That’s in addition to the downloadable version available at

So what’s ahead for this Sunday?

We’re going to see from Psalm 100 how to pray prayers that define us.  That’s pretty important — because did you know that the world is trying to define you?  Either through its blasé, “whatever” attitude or by tallying up your possessions.  The world defines you by what you have.  As we’ll see, Psalm 100 has a quite different approach.

Last thing — for the people of Good Shepherd.  We’re in a nice run where there are no more seats at 10 a.m.  We’ve used not only the VIP seats (better name than “overflow,” right?) and then putting folding chairs in the lobby.  You know where you can find a seat?  8:30.  A small migration on your part will make way for us to have multiplication in the numbers of people who are being invited into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

So:  Sunday.

8:30.  10.  11:30.