Prayer & Fasting

We’re having a church-wide fast today.

I’m part of it. After all, it was my idea.

Jesus tells his followers to keep their fasting private in Matthew 6:16-18. Yet this day is one of those rare occasions when in the spirit of solidarity, we’ll encourage each other and even go public with our fasting.

Fasting has been a regular part of my routine with God for about 15 years now. I generally fast one day a week — and try not to tell anyone about it as it is happening. It can be hard. But, literally, “at the end of the day” the fast makes me feel lighter, cleaner, and refreshed.

And food tastes awfully good when you break the fast.

The idea behind a corporate fast is this: if you have an entire group of people telling God, “Lord, you are more important to me than food!” and that same group of people prays for the same things at the same time . . . well, God moves.

So we’re looking for his sovereign move in our church, in our marriages, in our own souls.

You can find out more about the fast here.