Pound For Pound

I’ve often heard that Sugar Ray Leonard was pound for pound the best boxer of them all.

Meaning that he wasn’t the biggest or the strongest, but if you put his skills and his heart into to body of a heavyweight, no one could beat him.

Maybe that’s true.

As we move into Round Two of The Fight Of Your Life, we’ll take a look at those who today are “pound for pound” the strongest of them all: children. How can we allow and encourage them to remain, well, children?

Because too many households permit childhood to be rushed out of their children; what should be a leisurely trek toward adulthood gets speeded up as children prematurely develop adolescent sensibilities and adolescents prematurely develop the mindset of grownp-ups.

That battle to lengthen childhood is one many of us lose.

Sunday, Round Two, will start to fight back.

8:30. 10. 11:30.