Piece Of Work Worked

So yesterday, everyone who entered the Worship Center received a small container of Play Dough.

We talked about how we are God’s “workmanship” — in a grand sense how we are the raw material that God then fashions into a thing of beauty and purpose. We are his masterpiece.

In other words, we are all pieces of work.

But it didn’t stop there.

We are not masterpieces to gaze in the mirror and proclaim how good we look. God makes us his pieces of work because we have “been created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” We’re worked on to work for.

So we talked about that at Good Shepherd. And then we challenged the many people who receive ministry from the church to then provide ministry through the church. After all, that’s why God is making them a piece of work — to work for him.

And it all ended up with 10 minutes of silence as people then crafted their Play Dough into clay creations that represented what God is doing in them. Now. Today. And here’s the result.

It was one of the most unique ways we’ve worshipped and prayed together. But I believe it was one of the most effective as well.

So one week and one experiment down in Piece Of Work. And we didn’t fall on our face.