Pen Pals

I have a couple of pen pals.

One is in a North Carolina prison. The other is in the Mecklenburg County jail. Both have connections to Good Shepherd.

What is most interesting about these pens pals is the speed at which they reply to a letter. It’s almost as if I receive one as soon as I send one.

Which goes to show how hungry they are for communication and support.

And I’ll confess: when I see an envelope in my in-box with either name in the return address line, my first thought is, “Not again. I’m too busy for this.”

But that’s when God steps in with a reminder: “What could be a more important use of your time than this that I’ve given you to do?”

(God usually speaks to me a sentence at a time.)

What is that God has given you to do that seems inconvenient or unproductive?