Pastoral Confessions

Since I spent yesterday confessing songs to you that I probably shouldn’t like but do anyway, I thought I’d fill in some other gaps today.

Here are some secrets I should probably keep . . . but just for today, I won’t:

I wear two pair of socks to work everyday.  A pair of thick, white Thor-Los to keep my feet warm and my shoes tight and then a pair of respectably dark work socks over them.  Every day, no exceptions.

I have cottage cheese every day.

I wanted LeBron James to win.

When Jon Krakauer writes this: Figures of male authority aroused in me a confusing medley of corked fury and a hunger to please” I know exactly what he means.

I’m much better presiding at funerals than officiating at weddings.

I sometimes look at my email Inbox and pray something new and interesting will appear.

I get frustrated and jealous when other people have better ideas than I do.

I don’t think you need a graduate degree in psychology to understand that W had some Daddy Issues going on when he invaded Iraq.

My two most satisfying moments of the week: when I finish writing a sermon and when I finish mowing and edging the lawn.

I love wearing purple.

My nightmares involve an empty sanctuary on a Sunday morning.

I check my blog stats.

I sometimes get so nervous watching Roger Federer play that I turn the TV off.

My multi-tasking abilities include sending emails while in the middle of long phone conversations.

I still root for Tiger Woods.