Our Partners In India

The ministry in India didn’t stop just because Chris Thayer, James-Michael Smith, and I came back home. In fact, you could say it’s advancing better than ever.

Our partners in the Love Your Neighbor Ministry, located in the territory where Christians have been murdered by Hindu extremists, recently held their annual spring meeting. Seven thousand brave Christians traveled for hours, camped in the open air for three days and nights, and let loose with praise and worship, Indian style.

Do you think they complained about nursery conditions? Murmured if the music was too loud or not loud enough? Sighed deeply if someone was in “their” seat?

Our friend Rohini — one of our students and translators in the March seminar — was one of the featured speakers. I think he enjoyed the assignment.

Who knows? At the 2013 spring meeting, these pictures might feature a speaker from the Good Shepherd family.