Origin Of An Idea

I received a very nice voice mail this week from a Methodist preacher friend congratulating me on the Charlotte Observer article on our Fed Up Sunday project.

During the message, my friend gave some nice words about the creativity I had to “come up with such an idea.”

There’s only one problem with that thinking.

It wasn’t my idea.

In fact, when some of my colleagues on the staff first mentioned devoting a Sunday to something other than the usual Sunday fare (music, message, creative element), I hemmed. I hawed. I retreated into the silence that usually tells people, “he’s not agreeing with this idea.”

Yet bolder heads prevailed.

I gradually came to see the wisdom of this particular Radical Impact Project, especially one that follows so closely on the heels of the launch of our mission: inviting all people into a living relationship with Jesus.

Because if people can’t live in the first place they can’t even begin to think about a living relationship with a living Lord.


8:30. 10. 11:30.

Not my idea. Maybe that’s why it’s such a good one.