#OneSixtySeven, Week 4 — You Give Love A Bad Name

It was 1986 and Bon Jovi told us this:

And that video has had 184 million views!

Anyway, our 21st Century American culture has taken giving love a bad name to a entirely new level, hasn’t it?

A toxic combination of power, lust, and entitlement has resulted in what we call the #MeToo movement.

So since that is our cultural context for love, romance, and intimacy, how can we give love a good name?

That’s what we’ll answer this Sunday in the culmination of One Sixty Seven.

8:30, 10, 11:30 at the Moss Road Campus.

10, 11:30 at the Zoar Road Campus.

11:30 en espanol with Sammy Gonzalez.