One Day, Two Books

Well, advance copies of these arrived in my office a few days ago.

Storm & Shadow

In my right hand you see The Shadow Of A Doubt and in my left hand is The Storm Before The Calm.  Both have an official release date of September 15, 2015, but Abingdon Press was kind enough to send me some author’s copies a few weeks in advance.

Please stay tuned to this space for information regarding the “when” and the “where” of upcoming book signing events and book release parties.  In the meantime, all are available for purchase by clicking on the book icons immediately to the right of this post.

And as with Head Scratchers, which released in May, I am struck by the influence of the people of Good Shepherd on the pages of these books.

Looking through The Shadow Of A Doubt, for example, I see David Loy’s spoken word poem on page 23, I read Jill Klinger’s email on behalf of daughter Kate on page 40, and on page 59 I confess how I can’t get through the singing of Our God without breaking into tears because of a beautifully painful funeral that song reminds me of.  The stories of the people of this church leave their imprint on every page and in each insight.  You could say that the living relationship with Jesus Christ that this church possesses as a community helped see me through my own shadows of doubt.

The Storm Before The Calm is much the same. Chapter One concludes with an anecdote about the way a woman from our church was able to embrace her impending death with dignity, peace, and even anticipation.  The second chapter features an anonymous email from someone who admits they have spent far too much time chasing storms.  And finally, Chapter Four, entitled The Perfect Storm, includes a note I received from a couple who had returned to a much-changed Good Shepherd after a few years away. Their poignant observation:  We realized we were longing for a church that no longer exists.

So again: on one day I received two books in the mail, books for which I am listed as the one author.  But those of you involved in this Good Shepherd inviting all people ministry know better.  It takes a church to write a book.