On The Up And Up, Week 1 — Traveler’s Advisory



Our lives are always headed somewhere.

For some of us, we’re taking a step back. Others, moving from one side to another.

But what would it look like if our life trajectory was headed up? What if the phrase “on the up and up” spoke not only of the honesty of our communication but the direction of our lives?

Since the bible is a library, the book of Psalms is its songbook. And nestled within the Psalms is a collection called The Songs Of Ascent Psalms 120-134. The Songs Of Ascent come from the lives of our ancient Israelite ancestors as they journeyed up through the hill country of Judea to Jerusalem, the city of God.

We’re going to sing those songs with them this summer and in that process take our lives up. And up.

June 28:        Traveler’s Advisories
July 5:           The Right Stuff
July 12:         It Ain’t Over Til The . . .
July 19:         Driving In Traffic
July 26:        Behind Enemy Lines
August 2:     Record Breakers