On Getting Prayed For

On several occasions in recent weeks, I have been surprised by the generosity of people praying for me.

First, I shared some time with staff and friends from Steele Creek Church of Charlotte. I have previously posted about my connections with Kelvin Smith, SCCC’s pastor, here.

Anyway, SCCC recently opened a new sanctuary and Kelvin asked me to pray with his staff on the Thursday morning before the Sunday opening. I was eager to do so. At the close of that particular prayer time, Kelvin then said, “Brother, now we want to do something for you.” So they put me in the middle of a large circle, laid hands on me, and prayed for my spiritual life and the ministry of Good Shepherd.

Now: I value my personal space. I’m not always keen on getting touched. And with the exception of Kelvin and a couple of others, I didn’t know these people all that well. So at a very personal level, those moments were awkward, uncomfortable, and . . . beautiful.

Second, at Monday evening’s healing service, I prayed for the healing of a young man whom I’ve come to know over the last several months. When I said “Amen,” he turned and said, “and now how can I pray for you?” I’ve never had someone reverse the roles on me at a healing service before. So again, it was intimidating, suprising, and . . . beautiful. I received one of the loveliest prayers I’ve ever heard.

Third, out of the blue some staffers at this church have started popping into my office and asking simply, “how can I pray for you?” Guess what? I’m the leader, supposedly in a good enough place that I pray for others more than they pray for me, so these requests are unexpected, perplexing, and . . . beautiful.

Who are you allowing to offer prayers on your behalf today?