Odds & Ends

Some random observations you may — or may not — find to be of interest:

1. I shave twice a day. Once in the a.m. and then again sometime between 3 and 5 p.m. It’s like starting the day all over.

2. If there is a college sporting event between a public school (like the University of Texas) and a private school (like SMU), I’m always for the privates. I trace it back to this borderline-obsessive loyalty all the Davises had for SMU sports. So I root for schools like Duke, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, TCU, and Rice. Notre Dame is the exception to the rule.

3. I am allergic to cats and dogs.

4. After a lifetime of Frosted Mini-Wheats for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch, I developed allergies to gluten. Few things are more loaded with gluten than FMWs and bread. For two years, I couldn’t figure out why I felt sick every afternoon. Now my diet is radically changed . . . but, Lord, do I feel better. Did you know a Chick Fil-A chicken sandwich still tastes good without the bun? Why? Because you still get the pickle!

5. I really like John Mellancamp.

6. If there is a tennis match between a player with a one-handed backhand and one with a two-handed backhand, I invariably root for the one-hander. That’s why I like Roger Federer over Rafael Nadal and, back in the day, Martina Navratilova over Chris Evert.

7. I am taking a sabbatical from reading other preacher’s blogs or looking at other church’s websites. Those activities play into my already hyper-competitive nature.

8. I don’t have an iPod because I don’t like listening to music on headphones. My kids think it’s because I couldn’t figure out the technology, but what do they know?

9. The most satisfying moment of my week during the summer is when the front yard is mowed, edged, and swept.

10. Sometimes I time it so that I am in the car when Colin Cowherd is on the radio.

11. My most prized possession is a collection of 40 or so World Tennis magazines spanning the years from 1970-1975. If you were into tennis back then, the most exciting day of the month was when you found that magazine in your mailbox. It was even moreso if you saw your own name in the “tournament results” section at the back.