Odds And Ends

Some random thoughts on life, faith, and Charlotte, North Carolina . . .

If Ann Patchett wrote it, I’m going to read it.

I work on two messages per week . . . researching and writing one that I will preach in four to six weeks and then internalizing one that I will deliver on the upcoming Sunday.  For some reason, I’ve never gotten the two confused.

Of all the doctrines that different Christians hold, dispensationalism with its secret rapture is my least favorite.

In my dark nights of the ministry soul I have a secret desire to go into the lawn care business.

It’s fashionable in Methodism to dismiss Beth Moore.  Don’t.  Her study on the Book of James is one of the best bible studies of any kind that I’ve ever encountered.

I have good hand writing for a man.  Even for a woman.  Hand written notes have been a core part of my practice of ministry since way back in 1990.

I can’t fix or build anything.

The main lesson God has been teaching me this year is that people belong to Him and not to this church.

I love Pardon The Interruption as long as both Wilbon and Kornheiser are there.

James 4:13-17 = Psalm 39:4-8.

The blinking yellow left turn signals are the worst thing about living in Charlotte.

I didn’t really know how to read Genesis 1 until James-Michael Smith showed me how.  What a great example of reading Scripture not literally and not symbolically but literarily . . . according to the kind of literature it is.