Obsessed With Appearances

Some of you remember this Andre Agassi commercial from the 1990s. Image Is Everything is the tag line that haunted him for years.

While my tennis game is nowhere near Agassi’s, my struggle with image, appearance, and reputation is.

That’s why this week’s Confession Of A Pastor might just be the most personal of them all. I Am Obsessed With Appearances. I really am. We’ll check out I Samuel 16 and see what kind of biblical remedy there is for an obsession that I suspect I share with some of you.

Along the way, the kids from Jersualem Marketplace will share some of their spirit with us. It’s going to be a great Sunday . . . I can already feel it.

You know what’s interesting about Andre Agassi? Late in his tennis career, he shaved his head, changed his clothing, and became known for substance rather than style. That’s why he was a better player at 33 than at 23.

When it comes to ministry, maybe the same thing will happen in me.