NUMB3RS, Part Four: 1,000 Year Reign

Well, we’ve been through the Rapture and endured the Tribulation. Sort of.

Now time for the Millenial Kingdom. To prepare for Sunday, read Revelation 20:1-15 ahead of time.

A few years ago, I taught a class at Good Shepherd called The Millenial Maze. We looked at the Revelation 20 passage in some depth and considered different possible interpretations for it. I’ll take you on that journey on Sunday.

But here’s why I can’t wait for Sunday: because if you read the “millenial” chapter closely enough, you’ll see that the most important thing going on is not a debate over a 1,000 year kingdom. John is communicating something else much more important. What is it?

I’ll tell you on Sunday. NUMB3RS, Part Four: 1,000 Year Reign.