NUMB3RS, Part 2 — 666

I love what we’re doing with the NUMB3RS series. Taking a look at Revelation in this way has started so much conversation around the church and the community.

This week, we’re looking at the number 666 from Revelation 13:18. You’re going to hear some really crazy interpretations people have given to that number, which is ironic since the verse itself says “This calls for wisdom.” I am praying that my message will bring the wisdom — and the passion — that this verse calls for.

And you’ll get another innovative sermon-video-intro-thing from James-Michael Smith, Joe Jackson, and Chris Macedo. Check the post from May 5 to see the first video. The one coming this Sunday is even better.

This series energizes me for a couple of reasons:

  • I love challenging people’s assumptions about Revelation and the end of history.
  • I love preaching today about subjects I wouldn’t have touched 10 years ago.
  • I love the way the team here has done so much with the visual look and feel of the church and its gatherings. They stretch me and that’s why they’re good to work with.