Not So Much

One day last week, I had a rather breezy post on things that I appreciate about life.

For today, not so much.

Here are some pet peeves:

  • When, in an attempt to be grammatically correct, people get their personal pronouns all wrong. The worst is “God so loves you and I . . . “ It’s “you and me!
  • When, in another attempt to be grammatically correct, people make “its” possessive when it shouldn’t be. As in “that dog is chasing it’s tail.” No.
  • When people talk on their cell phones while working out at the Y.
  • When Don Henley rejoined the Eagles.
  • When leaders in some mainline Christian denominations don’t have the courage to admit that they really are Unitarian.
  • When I forget an appointment and get a call that someone is waiting for me at the office.
  • The disappearance of serve-and-volley tennis and the rise of the two-handed backhand. Or: when Rafael Nadal beats Roger Federer.
  • When people give lists of their pet peeves.