New Reflections On An Old Job

I spent part of last Saturday morning listening to a man from Good Shepherd deliver a creative and engaging devotion to our BigHouse students and their guests from the Children’s Attention Home in Rock Hill.

As he began, I had a twinge of guilt. Should I be the one giving the devotion? After all, I’m paid and he’s volunteering? Wouldn’t I be a better leader if I was up there and he was sitting down?

But then the answered thundered in my mind: NO.

Because if I’m doing pastoral ministry correctly, then . . .

It’s less my job to teach than it is to release the teacher in others.

It’s less my job to lead than it is to unleash the leader in others.

It’s less my job to heal than it is to empower the healer in others.

It’s less my job to preach than it is to equip the preacher in others.

It’s less my job to pray than it is to encourage the pray-er in others.

And it’s less my job to “play God” than it is to trust the God in others.