So we started Things Jesus Never Said yesterday. To find out more about the series, check here.

The best moment in our gathering was at the very end. And not because it was time to leave.

We had asked the people of the church to email us the names of those people who had been instrumental in leading them to faith. As soon as we sent out the emails, names began pouring in.

Our video friend Joe Jackson then did an extraordinary job making a video out of all the names we received. So the sermon closed with a visual reminder of the fact that people were sent to us. Jesus’ authority sends us with love to other people in the same way people were at some point sent to us. You can listen to the sermon here.

Here’s the video, one of the best ones we’ve ever had around this place.

I love it on Sundays when things turn out exactly as I had envisioned a month before. This was definitely one of those times.