My Kind Of Intervention

One more post about this past Sunday.

I woke up sick on Sunday morning. Not real sick, just enough to know that I was going to get a cold or sinus infection or something that could interfere with my energy level or the strength of my voice.

I told a couple of guys early on Sunday. They laid hands on me & prayed for healing. Then a woman in the church heard the congestion in my voice as we chatted before the 8:30 service and she spoke healing into me as well.

It all was going well until the end of the 10:00 service. After the sermon and the closing music, I stood to give what passes for a benediction around here. Nothing came out of my mouth. I couldn’t talk. Oh no. I thought I was done. And I still had one more service to go through!

So I laid hands on my own throat and prayed for healing. And then other folks prayed as well.

And at the 11:30 service I had no problems at all. In fact, the delivery was better there than at the first two — in part because I was so grateful for the miracle I was in the middle of living.

Our next healing service is Monday, November 3 at 7:00 p.m.