Multiple Roles In A Single Day

As I think back on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 — that is, yesterday — I realize with no little gratitude all the different roles I played in one day as pastor of Good Shepherd.

  • First, there was sermon internalizer.  Way before I left the house yesterday, I spent some quality time with this Sunday’s sermon, one more in a daily process of preparing to deliver it without notes.
  • Second, I was blogger.  Upon arriving at the office, I posted yesterday’s blog about AA, the language of recovery, and Good Shepherd Church.  I typically write those posts the evening before, but for a variety of reasons was unable to do so until yesterday morning.
  • Next, I was staff leader.  We had our weekly staff meeting of 25 people or so, and I wanted to make sure we were all speaking the same language regarding our Beyond Capital Campaign and the possible questions that might arise.  (Thankfully, I did not have to play the role of staff referee, as we have a terrific collection of people who are more focused on group mission than on individual ministry.)
  • I had a quick, quirky thought that turned me momentarily into a tweeterHere it is:

    When a #umc clergy tweet begins with “Humbled that,” chances are that what follows is something we’re pretty proud of.
    — Talbot Davis (@TalbotDavis) October 22, 2014

  • For a brief time I was sermon preparer / wordsmither.  I had a few minutes to work on a message in the upcoming Baby Invasion series we’re doing for Christmas.  I know what I want to say in that sermon but I’m working on the how.  
  • Via some email correspondence, I was denominational advocate.  I love the United Methodist Connection except for those times I don’t, and so a few of us attempting to think through ways to love it better.
  • Later in the day, on two separate occasions and in very different venues, I had the role of development director.  What does that mean? Directed conversations about lead giving to the Beyond Campaign.
  • Still later it was marriage counselor / spiritual director.  
  • Finally, with a good friend from the church, I played one of my favorite roles of them all: Door Knocker/House Blesser/Evangelist.  We blessed eight houses of new movers to the Charlotte area.  
  • The day concluded with a few roles that were not necessarily work-related:  YMCA go-er, dinner eater, and early to bed sleeper.